Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gift to see

I was used to see a key to the meaningful life in my activity, and the arts (creative work/painting) enabled me to grow in self-confidence. It was fine to make the papers, and that confuses the most, because nothing was earned by my activity. All I have  was gifted to me for a free. Have a look at the photo below:
Here is my wife and grandson - my beloved at the the see.
Many carry with themselves the family photos in their purses, carry what is prized the most. Such way you see on above not some art prints by Tomas Karkalas but his wife with the grandson in the hands. So the simple photo helped me to uplift my eyes once again and the recognition of the God's grace above my handicrafts as restored my spiritual life as returned a meaning to my "fuzzy looking" colors. That was gift to see.The recognition of God's supremacy in our affairs put us on the wing of the gratitude.

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Homeless Love

While being on a road, I met the Homeless Love.
Archives awake to road
Good sculpture should look fine from all sides. Artists deal with this task quite easily, yet in the ordinary life the activity of many rarely talk about their inner beauty. So our marvelous soul is forced to hide under the social status of a man. Consequently many hurry to remove their eyes from the unlovely passersby, yet are they ugly indeed? What is the real beauty?
I entered the hospital for the people with psychiatric disorders and took a picture here. While looking at the paper swan on a windowsill, it was hard to believe that this beauty was made by the sick people. I looked around once more and took another picture. The paper flowers were looking so sweet – they reflected no pain that indwelt the hearts of the creators so richly. What does that mean? Please read my post the Test of love. I tried to look at beauty in disguise of the litters more attentively on Art by Tomas blog
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Sunday, August 15, 2010

editor-in-chief of art by Tomas Karkalas

                            The shot was made, so time came to name the picture, to introduce the photo to Butterfly in the Plaster.  

my editor-in-chief
Here is my grandson Simonas. I call him the editor-in-chief of all my blogs and the artworks I share with you on the web. Such expression may sound like the polite saying, yet it is the sacred truth.  Our Children (their presence) as if question us "what do we do?" Their silence is the most challenging experience. That always awakes, urges us to act the best we can. Our children awake and inspire us - change the way we see the world. So my grandson is my art teacher, my editor-in-chief. Simonas gives a meaning to my paintings and the joy for being here and now.
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Monday, August 9, 2010

mosquito on life aesthetics by Tomas Karkalas

At times it takes more time to name the picture than to take s shot. Look below. What do you see?

The tiny flying insects  painfully bite, yet the above looks like a giant...consequently, this image as if does not belong to the threatening group of our enemies, isn't it?
However, does that sense of personal safety create satisfaction or makes cloudy reality look more attractively?

The above picture was a closeup at the spider's catch, but not the dried dish caught my eye here, I recognized myself in my surroundings. Such outlook on nature drastically changed my experience - sat me back in an awe toward the multitude of the revived metaphors that knocked on the heart and opened my eyes much wider than any encyclopedia. So what does fine art reveal? Our reality, or the dreams?

Let's return to the picture. This is my self-portrait - the life aesthetics

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Monday, August 2, 2010

art whisper

This picture looks like non commercial view, yet the image has power to whisper too.  We need just to unlock the hearts. Lots of figures compose the dance of love. It was enough to went outside to sit back in an awe.
The painting helped me to see the silence and to hear the air. I was commissioned to spread these news-to invite you to the party of the gratitude.
While famous places attract the tourists, only comprehension of the sunbeam enables us to enjoy our hear and now.That's the greatest award.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

portrait of the soul

The need to name the painting questions what do I do. It was clear just one - once upon a time, there was an apple. As you know, photos do not lie.