Thursday, February 24, 2011

school of love

At first glimpse, this photo may look worthy to ignore, yet do not hurry to shut away/ to pass by it in ignorance.The below picture describes my current location, and it is memorable indeed - today I became a student of the love school. You may see its wall here.
Many try to escape that place. And there is no wonder. The shot quite eloquently explains such outlook of the passersby. No one is dreaming to appear in the hospital, yet I dared to rename this building into the school of love.  I just couldn't say it otherwise, because I was surrounded by doctor's care with me at a moment I entered this dark building. So is it not the best school of love? Where else anybody are interested in your feelings?
Such are my visual thoughts. 

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

art of whishpering window

Can the broken window look nice?
What are the goals of the fine arts? Does that have any in common with my personal being? So who looks for my musing?
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