Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wind of serenity

This picture Wind of serenity shows the guard of the foundations at close (just click the link above) The city walls melted away in this artwork and nothing shadows the wild flowers now. Do you see the portrait of yourself here?


Dawn said...

I enjoyed your artwork. The, "Wind of serenity," piece especially.

Tim Kavi said...

Yes, in the shadows of walls and protections provided by modernity, there is always the awesome power of Nature just outside the gates. To me, the message is not to miss the beauties of Nature, and to integrate Nature with our existence and not alienate it. Perhaps then our walls will not fade into disarray or crumble into dust. But we must live right and and stop walling off Nature! I am all for the wind of serenity demolishing any personal 'walls'. For an open embrace! Thanks for sharing !