Thursday, August 26, 2010

Gift to see

I was used to see a key to the meaningful life in my activity, and the arts (creative work/painting) enabled me to grow in self-confidence. It was fine to make the papers, and that confuses the most, because nothing was earned by my activity. All I have  was gifted to me for a free. Have a look at the photo below:
Here is my wife and grandson - my beloved at the the see.
Many carry with themselves the family photos in their purses, carry what is prized the most. Such way you see on above not some art prints by Tomas Karkalas but his wife with the grandson in the hands. So the simple photo helped me to uplift my eyes once again and the recognition of the God's grace above my handicrafts as restored my spiritual life as returned a meaning to my "fuzzy looking" colors. That was gift to see.The recognition of God's supremacy in our affairs put us on the wing of the gratitude.

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Aries said...

Nice blog you have here, I enjoy reading it. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a great week ahead

Campbell Jane said...

Such a beautiful photograph! So honest and sensual. I hope this one is in frame!Bravo. Thanks Tomas for stopping by my happy places!
Many Blessings