Saturday, May 14, 2011

art response : blend of emotions for blogging memory

The blogging looked like love practice (the sharing of what comes from within with everybody on a web) Thus there were no wonder for my eagerness to start a blog... Art by Tomas was opened on Blogger, and became my address.
It was so till Google announced that this site was deleted .... Who deleted my blog? WHY? Does it mean some hacker overcame me?  No! Art of Butterfly in Plaster still welcomes you 

Blogging and love just look the same at a glimpse. If while writing, I am free from any restrictions, while posting I fall to dependence on search engines and their fans, the hackers. While  welcoming each and all on a web to a hug, I need to beware of the hackers....
Only the process of the writing may associate with the joy for the sake of joy.  The blogging should obey the road safety rules.
The picture expresses the mixed emotions, isn't it?
Yet the obedience gives a meaning to all writings in spite of the fact that it may look like the wild realm at a glimpse.
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1 comment:

The Redhead Riter said...

Gorgeous! I mean really, really gorgeous! I wish that was hanging on my wall!!!

You said the hackers destroyed your website? How? What happened? Couldn't you fix it or get it back? I'm very sad for you.