Sunday, May 22, 2011

secret of my wall

Aged care –such statement sounds well, yet do you see any of it in the picture below?
As for me, it was easy to draw my inspiration from this piece – it was enough to look at what was blooming underfoot, when the whole sky was overfilled with happy dong, for my eyes could shine like these of the passersby who where in a hurry to the fiesta of the ships that came to my city. However, does my painting reports any of these?

Yes, I like to paint- to forget myself in the wandering of my paintbrush on the canvas which graphic as comforts as inspires – releases me from the traps of worry for myself and thus opens the eyes of the heart. Then just unforgettable light transforms all footprints into the direct answers of life meaning – makes the metaphors into the ordinary building bricks. Stressful day thus becomes a dream, and the dream replaces sorrowful nitty-gritty experience with the blessing of the gratitude for the ability to respond. That is worthy the sharing and it is only the sharing that makes all above the reality (opens the door to the visual thoughts)
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